Letter No. 12

I have been in and out of prison 12 times since 1989. Now it is time for me to put a stop to it. I have a 88 year old mum. We sell instant prata for our pocket money. It is good money but we don’t have the knowledge and capital to expand it. I also have to work because I intend to buy a flat. I have a certificate in culinary art and has worked at Pastamania and few other restaurants and stalls. I’m beginning to like photography but can’t afford to buy a camera, printer and laptop. I like to take pictures of nature and food. With my experience and knowledge, I also can share it with the next generation so that they will not follow my footsteps. I have worked as a counsellor dealing with adolescents. I will be 51 this year and time is short. Whatever it is life still has to go on. May Allah bless me and lend me His strength to change and stay healthy.

I was born with a club foot and part of my liver is hardened. Waiting to see my specialist. I will not give up without a fight and Allah is with me. I also have the thought that if I get married, I will be more responsible and not be alone.


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